Experience & Stuff

This is sort of like an online cover letter. If you’re here, you don’t want my ramblings and platitudes. Which is cool.

With that in mind, here’s the lowdown: I received a degree in Corporate Communication from Lindenwood University in May of 2013. While there, I worked at the university’s TV station, LUTV. I wore many hats: as a reporter, anchorman, producer, host of a political talk show, floor director, and the “audio guy.” I was pretty good at that.

I received the Public Relations Award and the Ledell Bitzer Communications Award from Lindenwood for the 2012-2013 year. If you could see my resume, I’d briefly explain what that means.

In 2012, I was accepted into the Blacksmith Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp. No, it’s not a Blacksmithing camp. Which would be amazing. It’s an expenses-paid, entrepreneurial seminar that takes place every year in Lithuania, sponsored by SovereignMan. To apply for the camp, I had to make an application video. I won’t be showing that here; but I did make a testimonial video about it.

For a while, I worked for my father’s company, York and Sons Drywall, LLC, and wrote in my free-time. Along with eating bacon. But that’s a given.

In November 2013, I got internships as Elastcity and Emmis Radio. Earning the title “Bears and Ballads” coordinator, I became an Account Manager for an ad campaign for H&R Block, and I assisted the Public Relations and Social Media teams with clients such as CafePress, Geostellar, Charter Communications, and more. While at Elasticity I worked about 25 hours a week. They were gracious enough to pay me handsomely. This wonderful internship ended in March, 2014.

At the radio station, I produced and uploaded client’s spots, and assisted with community event planning in the Public Affairs department. I’m still doing that part-time.

Currently, I’m working on the ‘drafts’ of some written pieces and am brainstorming for various projects.

I hope that wet your whistle for the drink of me.


– Seth York, aka The Roaming Tomahawk

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