Here’s to PBandJterm

The world keeps turning. It is spinning 1000 miles per hour, yet we don’t feel it. Instead, we have different sense of time passing quickly; perhaps it’s all on our head. But does that make it any less real? The past three weeks of “PBandJterm” have flown by faster than the world turns, even though that only takes 24 hours. Paradoxes everywhere.

We started off the week with a visit from Lindenwood’s social media guru, Ryan Griffin. He gave us the rundown on how he handles all of Lindenwood’s social media pages. This included how Lindenwood monitors athletes on twitter, how he treats people on Facebook, and more. I had Ryan previously in my Applied Public Relations class, where he sometimes filled in. The most interesting thing about Ryan was his own endeavor, NutSocial. We had the pleasure of seeing Pickle the crack addict squirrel (look just under his eyes, seriously). Seeing Ryan slowly, but surely practicing his social media skills for himself was encouraging.

One of the better parts of the week (and all of PBandJterm) was chatting with Tara Joyce of ElasticMind. She was very personable, polite, and

Tara Joyce's Elastic mind

Tara Joyce’s Elastic mind

knowledgable. She even followed me back on twitter. I definitely plan on scouring her website and paying attention to what she had to say. We used Google+ Hangout to chat with her, and I was impressed by that before. I had experienced a bit of the hangout previously, but only watched a political debate between people on YouTube. Using the software left a favorable impression.

One of the things that was hammered into our impressionable minds was the importance of an authentic About Me page. Tara Joyce and Jill spoke of it over and over again. Accordingly, the last week or so of class, we also updated our About me pages. I still need to tweak mine (we all evolve and grow), but it’s welcoming and unique at the moment.

Niches are a Nitch, if you catch my drift

Writing about my niche became one of the larger battles of PBandJterm. The assignment itself was not so difficult, but it was provoking. If I’m trying to write about my future, I want to write about my future, and not just say something that will make Jill happy. Though I think my niche blog did. After toiling in my brain (before the very computer I write on now), I finally just decided to write about the Primal lifestyle. It is something I am interested in, know some about, and also am in the transition to living.

The niche Prezi we had to make for our final day in class was tougher. With the idea that I am a story-teller, I wanted to tell a story or two (or three). Not just any story, but an epic one. After brainstorming and jotting notes for literally hours (Both Tuesday and Wednesday nights), I decided to the story about Antarctic explorers. It did connect back, in someway, to my niche blog, but I plan on writing a blog and making a presentation about Willpower later on (if you read the epic story above, you’ll understand why). Instead, I made a more-or-less basic Prezi and it turned out like this:

Travel as My Niche

Travel as My Niche

The Prezi turned out all right. I made some last-minute alterations before I spoke, and I surprisingly came up with more interesting stuff to say than I thought. Perhaps I was a bit doubtful because I stayed up until 4:30 in the morning constructing it (I didn’t give up on the other idea until 2:30).

Of course, I didn’t mention out frield trip to Switch, guided by the welcoming Andrew Mullins and the talented Jessica Leitch of City in a Jar fame. I was throughly impressed by the size, scope, and manner of Switch. The people there were laid back, but definitely passionate about what they were doing. Plus, like I said, the place was huge. The Q&A with Andrew was worth listening to. Also, Jessica gave us plenty of good tips and providing me with some much-needed inspirations. I’ll be following her blog with interest- she seems to be going places.

In the end, I got a lot out of this week, I wasn’t late for anything, and as for the whole class, I loved it. It was one of the best classes I have taken at Lindenwood, in terms of enjoyment and in what I have learned. It helped prove to me that most classes, especially in the communication field, should be short, focused, and intensive. It’s practice that makes perfect, and it’s better not to spread it out over a whole semester. In preparation for this final blog, I looked up “toasting.” Here’s one to our class:

Here’s to Personal branding

content curation, and a small bit of bit of frustration

Now raise your glasses to the good times

to tweeters, bloggers, and elastic minds.

to building proof, having a Hoot,

Oh PBandJterm, we’ll miss your milk.


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