Whoever has Ears, Let Him Hear.

There is a saying in my family that we are responsible for what we hear. This sentiment has been heard outside of my familial conversations yet it is a somewhat common thing for a parent or relative in my family to say. This week, I have heard many things, and now I am responsible.

One of the more intensive topics PBandJterm covered was our individual LinkedIn pages. Two excellent guest speakers treated the class to their expertise in all things LinkedIn: Nick Gilham of A Branded You,  and Josh B Turner of Linked University.

Take a moment and just dance with Josh Turner. 

Besides the feedback that Josh Turner gave me on individual LinkedIn profile, they provided a lot of basic LinkedIn Tips. I learned how to add videos to my profile, and the importance of filling out the Skills & Expertise section of your profile. This acts as a sort of recommendation, in addition to actual recommendations you can get from your connections on LinkedIn. So far all I have added are Blogging and Video Production. There will be more to come!

The fun didn’t stop there. I braved the murky, confusing waters of twitter and valiantly made Lists. This actually proved to be genius, and  helped me understand the usefulness of twitter even more than I learned last week. By following certain lists, you don’t have to follow individuals, just lists. Aaahh, how fantastic. We also set up our RSS feeds. This was a first time for me, but with the help of Google Reader, it was easy to set up. I get the feeling that my new addiction has arrived.

Then the class had to make a HootSuite account. The good news was that I already had one. I had sparingly used it since I created it for a certain class with a certain Jill Falk in the Fall semester of 2010. The bad news is that I barely remembered anything. Yet my woes were short-lived. I soon added various social networks, and my tumblr blog to my HootSuite, so I have a ‘Control Center” on one screen on my laptop. It ’twas spiffy.

The rest of the week had its highs and lows. The low was probably when I showed up late to class where guest speaker Derek Mabie was speaking. It was a class I had wanted to show up, and I did what I rarely do and slept in that day. However, I still got a lot out of the class. He said several things I really enjoyed.

“Build Proof, not a Resume.”

Thank you, Mr. Mabie, for concisely saying what I had been thinking in recent days. I keep hearing from highly successfully entrepreneurs that they don’t care about resumes, they care about accomplishments. The extra drive, the ability to think outside of the box, the willingness to take the risk; these are all qualities I am trying to build in myself, and it seems that people like Derek Mabie would be looking for them as well.

Slightly inspired after the class, and a bit miffed that I was not punctual, I looked up several things that had to do with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. I actually found a free “guide” that I had discovered before, but had forgotten about. It is from SEOMoz.com, a website that Derek Mabie highly praised. “The Free Beginner’s Guide to SEO” has so far proved helpful to my understanding of SEO and how it works. I’ll be reading it over the weekend.

Another interesting website was alerted too over the week was HabitRPG. It turns your life into a Role-Playing Game (RPG) by giving you rewards or punishments, depending on what you did or did not accomplish during the week. I plan to set up my own goals over the weekend as well. Doh, I may get some negative points for procrastination.

The next, and sadly, final, week of PBandJterm is going to be quite interesting. I’m going to try to outdo the Twitter Queens Jennifer, Lauren and Jessica with more of my ingenious tweets. I want to scour the internet, add more relevant sits to my RSS reader, and become more proficient in tumblr. By Sunday night my header should be done for this wordpress blog, so we can all talk about how beautiful it is over the week. One thing I like to do is listen; I learn a lot from my classmates. I’ ve  started to read their blogs, and I’m going to try to read all of their entries over the weekend.

This week was full of information. It was definitely a lot to absorb at one time. Yet I have heard. I’ve even taken some of it to heart. Thus, I am responsible for my future; if I effectively utilize what I have learned this week (such as LinkedIn or the importance of being punctual), or if I let it fall by the wayside, getting choked up by the distractions in my life. Let us hope that I have sown in good soil.


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