Take the Leap

Content is life. I suppose I could go technical and say that to marketers, content is anything we consume, be it youtube, TV, texts, or advertisements. However, we get content through observation. The way I present myself to people is content- it’s something observable by others. Interestingly enough, that is what PBandJterm is all about. We have our own personal brand, but the only way to have a “brand” is to have content: what you say, do, live. Lifestyle, work, and all the rest: It is all content.

When we say “content” in class, I assume we are mainly thinking of the media content we produce or consume as individuals. Before this post was begun, I was perusing the blogs of my classmates out of curiosity and also searching for inspiration. Over at Jenny’s blog, she quotes a guy named Jay Baer: “Content is Fire. Social Media is Gasoline.” I liked this sentiment. Not to pull from Jenny too much, but it also has to do with something that Jill Falk (and Rift Fournier) constantly tells us: You have to consume [media] content to create it. It brought me back to quote by Mr. Baer. In order to have content, or “fire,” we have to build the fire first. You need logs, leaves, a fire-starter, whatever. Building a fire is essential. Even Wilson would agree.

Tom Hanks’ Chuck Noland could potentially be a Content Master. See what I did there?

What is the foundation to our content creation? I think consuming media sources, be in newspapers, blogs, television, or books are all great things to do, but it’s missing something. To build a good fire, you don’t just throw it together. It takes thought. It takes intention. Hark! Can you not hear the whispers of my previous post, or perhaps the echo of a certain Prezi?

This talk about consumption sort of turned me inward, to look at my own media consumption habits (not just the consumption I do through daily observation). It just so happened as I started thinking about that my Pandora radio station started playing a favorite song of mine: Eyes Wide Open, by Gotye. Press play on the video while read the rest of this blog. It’ll make my blog even more majestic than normal. However, I wouldn’t advise watching the video.

My favorite verse is about two minutes in. Just think on it.

“But it was like to stop consuming is to stop being human, You’ll want to make a change if you won’t.”

am constantly consuming content. I spend more time on facebook than I care to admit. I’m trying to come up with some spiffy name for the phenomenon of opening web browser and my fingers involuntarily start typing in facebook.comYou probably did the same thing before you got to this blog. It’s okay, this is a no judgement zone. For the moment, at least.

While I spend a large amount of time in front of screens, I do not own a smartphone. I do have an iTouch, which sort of works as a surrogate for everything except texting/calling, as long as I have wifi. The time I spend texting varies on the day or week, but I wouldn’t say more then an hour of actual texting time. However, when it comes to certain websites or blogs, I can spend large amounts of times over the course of the day, anywhere from 15 minutes to two, even three hours. The content on those are mainly philosophical, political, even sociological. Occasionally I visit sites like Taki’s Mag or Vice. You only go to those if you want to challenge your worldview, be entertained, and be offended. Usually all at the same time. However, now that I’m back in school, my consumption of these kinds of blogs is less than it was during the recent break.

I also like websites such as stumbleupon.com, various travel blogs, and to keep up with some memes, I occasionally look at 9gag. I usually do that through an application on my iPad. I’m not going to give ya link for 9gag, otherwise you’d never finish my blog.

That being said, what am I passionate about? Judging by what I’ve written here, you may think I just read a bunch of abstract political blogs and the occasional comedy or travel site, and a shameful amount of Facebook (it really isn’t as much as I made it sound). But is this true?



This is something I didn’t want to admit to myself, but it’s true. Because it general, people can kind of suck. But people can be awesome as well, and one of things I have come to learn in my few years on this planet is that life is about relationships. That means people.


When the phrase “I love to travel” or something comes up, I sometimes wonder: what does that even mean? Do we like the act of traveling, or the experiences it brings? The sense of freedom, perhaps, or the thrill of exploring new (or sometimes familiar) places? How about all the above?


Phrases such as freedom or liberty seem to have a residual political charge leftover from an overwhelmed political media landscape. But the truth is, one of my passions is freedom. Keeping what freedom I and others have, or “regaining” what has been taken, is paramount. This is not meant to be a political statement, but a core tenet of my worldview: Freedom is one of the most important things in this fallen world of ours, and the people who work against freedom, I find mostly despicable. Naturally, there are other things that are just as, or more important: God (if you have that faith), People (I said this before), and last, but not least, bacon. Never forget that.


This was not originally something I meant to share. However, after dwelling on it, it could not be ignored. Everything I do is sort of shaped by the faith I have; we don’t need to get in particulars at this time, but it is definitely more than worth a mention. Faith, Freedom… and

It deserves at least a bold-faced header.


Life is about relationships, which means people involved, and thus, there are stories. Storytelling is one of the basic things that makes life worth living. It is an essential part of life. Your story. My story. Our story. 


As far as future employment or careers, my eventual goal is to have one that enables me to travel, meet people, and tell stories. A travel blogger, perhaps? I sort of envision myself as an entrepreneur, and I’m in the process of establishing my brand.

At the moment, I do not have a narrowed down niche. I’m good an politics/philosophy, but that isn’t my premiere passion. One of my ongoing goals is to find the niche I’m “comfortable” with, over the next few weeks.
I’m trying to enhance my personal brand now by continuing to blog. Consistently. I’m going to work on writing shorter blogs, but my main project will take place over the next few months. Readers may be pleased to know that I’m going to travel around the Greater St. Louis area, taking pictures of various places and the people in them, and writing my thoughts about it. I want to tell stories based on my perspective on St. Louis, while showing off the area through a unique spyglass. I’m working on the name, and readers of this blog will be the first to know.

Finally, there are some things others can learn from me. Tell it like it is. Be willing to improve, but be true to yourself. It definitely sounds cliché, but don’t let that stop you. Honesty is underrated, and courage is under-practiced. Take the leap of faith and be honest and courageous.


Here are some websites I read. Remember what I said about honesty? I didn’t want to post them. Not sure why.


It’ll challenge various perspectives, and it also has entertaining stuff in the blog section.


I’m not a fan of everything they do, but the Vice videos are usually fantastic.


They say Matt Drudge has a conservative bias, but even if he does, there is a reason why this is one of the premiere “news” sites on the internet.


I didn’t mention my passion for music. Check out grooveshark for a bunch of free streaming stuff.


This does not need to be explained.


Mark Sisson is the Primal Guru. Check him out.

Sovereign Man

Run by Simon Black, this site is full of information about other countries, opportunities, and more. It was through this website that I got accepted into “camp” or seminar in Lithuania over the summer.

Once more, in all honesty: I can’t remember all the websites I regularly visit. . And my history isn’t very helpful. Through the class I’ve become reacquainted to websites like 99u and the like, but at this moment I’m not a regular consumer.

I suppose you and I will have to be content with that.


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