Genesis I

What is on the internet is eternal. Pictures from that crazy party, the heart-warming baby photos, the embarrassing, inspiring, the mundane, the whining status posts, the frivolous tweets: everything endures. Unless Jesus ends the internet on Judgement Day (which would make an awesome meme), it will stay like this beyond the end of time. It’s a scary thought I had pondered before the PB&J class watched the video with Gary Vaynerchuk. He reminded me of this when he said “Legacy is greater than Currency.” I am at the dusk of my college experience, but what is my legacy? What “brand” do am I setting down to portray my life for all of eternity? That is where “my starting point” begins.

My face makes Google Image Search more handsome several times over.

My face makes Google Image Search more handsome several times over.

I decided to ask the Oracle of many answers (aka Google). My facebook profile was at the top of the list. Some guy name Seth Landon York who describes himself as an outdoorsman was the first link on twitter- he seemed like a snazzy guy. Next, I did an image search and saw many past versions of myself grace the screen. I was only slightly surprised (I have done this before) by the results.

There is nothing I would change, besides deleting one or two of the pointless ones, if I could. If I was given God-like power of the internet, I’d wipe any trace of me off of it, but that’s a different story.

The results of searches like this in my future would naturally change, once I advance more into my “dream career.” My dream career would be a self-sufficient entrepreneur. Lots of people want be a billionaire, but for me to do some the stuff I would like to do (and I’m not talking fast cars, large mansions and a few yachts) then it’s a place I want to be. I know better than to make being a billionaire the goal above all goals, but with hard work, luck, and avoiding the wrath of the status quo at the top, you can get that far. But I digress.

Traveling is sort of my passion. At the present date, I have been to Scotland  Wales, Ireland, England, Northern Ireland, Guatemala, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique, Lithuania  and last, but not least, Turkey. I also went to the Island of Patmos Seth Lion(Greece), where it is said that John the Apostle wrote the Book of Revelation. So that is a total of 12 nations, excluding various airports, the United States, and Texas.

The dream career would include the ability to travel more or less how I wish. To do this, I need a fluid business/way of earning income, in addition to having a substantial amount of it. I look to people like Richard Branson, founder of anything Virgin, and Simon Black of whom I met last summer. In order to get to this state of being I need to build my eternal legacy. I have been gifted with the ability to write well, in addition to some moderate social skills, decent looks, and good background. Blogging is one of the best ways I can mold my online brand. Facebook is all well and good, but something more is required (perhaps even “vlogs” on youtube and regularly produced content there).

The best part of this equation is that I like to write. In the past I ranted on facebook about a variety of subjects, but I have always liked to write in a “larger” format, such as wordpress. I grew up writing stories for fun (I knew Microsoft Word 97 like nobody’s business . However, it takes time to write, and when I write it takes some emotional willpower. Perhaps it is like working out, but in recent days my writing muscles have atrophied.

As I have grown up, I discovered that not only did I like to write, but people like to read what I wrote. It’s a nice place to be in. Whether I’m writing about politics, philosophy, comedy, life, etc, I usually get a positive response. People like to ask me questions about politics, because I always have a different (and most of the time, correct) perspective on things. Interestingly, I am also someone to talk to about relationships and troubles. I find myself as sort of a counselor.  I can only attribute this to  bit of wisdom rubbing off from my parents and the important mentors in my life. Miraculous, I know.

My “confidence level” seems to be in healthy condition, though I get a bit too nervous when speaking to a large group of people. This usually depends on my mood, but is mostly attributed to the fact that in recent days, I am out of practice. However, I have little difficulty singing to the entire Evans Commons, so there is that.

Album cover, anyone?

Album cover, anyone?

So I sing, I talk, I counsel, but the two things I am good at, and I think are the most key, are these:
I Listen.
I tell stories.
This is a topic worthy of a whole other blog, let alone the end of a blog post, but I will say this: telling stories is what everything is about. Everything. Call me a mystic, but from the moment of conception to damnation (or redemption), we are all part of a story. Our lives consist of individual stories mingling with each other to form one giant story. Telling stories (or sagas) is a hallmark of any culture, because it connects to humans at a very primal level. Perhaps it sprang from cavemen around the campfire, when they weren’t fending off saber-tooth tigers or picking their teeth free from mammoth meat. I believe there’s a movie about that considers this. Whether we are texting, talking, listening, or simply being, we are participating in a story. Your story is what makes your legacy; your story is your part in a metaphorical Book of Time.

Perhaps there has been too much epic Celtic and Nordic fiction consumed by this author, so before I begin to chant and dance around a large bonfire,  I will end with this: No matter where my “starting point” is, I want to participate in my story, discover my own legacy, and pursue my dreams, which involves both a flexible lifestyle and unique career. In order to get here, I am going to keep telling stories, and I am going to keep listening.


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